4·1·2 Books

4·1·2 Books publishes the work of Print & Digital Editing students at Miami University. To date, we’ve released eleven student-produced ebooks that span ten years and include the contributions of more than 200 student writers.

Fall 2023

Siren Song: The Allure of AI

Edited by Braelyn Binkowski, Elizabeth Martin, and Stella Sheckler

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This is a collection of essays penned by Miami University students navigating the landscape of AI's inception. Comprising a diverse array of works, from research papers to personal reflections and creative nonfiction, each piece possesses its own distinctive purpose and compelling narrative. As we delved into editing this collection, a prevalent somber tone emerged across many essays, revealing a subtle undercurrent of fear harbored by the authors. It is as though they grapple with an unease, viewing the advent of AI as akin to the mesmerizing song of a siren. The allure of this technological frontier is undeniable, yet there lingers a palpable apprehension that it may lead to our very downfall. In these pages, the authors confront the dichotomy of AI's potential—its promise and peril. Through their words, readers are invited to contemplate the profound impact of artificial intelligence on our lives, society, and collective future. This anthology serves as both a testament to the multifaceted nature of this technological revolution and a poignant exploration of the complex emotions it evokes in those witnessing its infancy.

Written in Fall 2023.

Download Siren Song: The Allure of AI (PDF, 20 MB).

Other books produced in Fall 2023

Synthetic Minds — Judge's Honorable Mention Winner
Judge's Honorable Mention
CleverByte Company Handbook
The Artificial Human Touch
Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad, The Unknown

Fall 2022

The Daily Digital

Edited by Laurel Dobrozsi, GraciAnn Hicks, Molly Monson, and Chase Talbott

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As a class of mostly seniors, the future often dominates conversations and invades our minds—even when we try our best to ignore it. As an editorial staff, we felt unifying these stories as a book belittled the immense individuality within each submission. We decided, therefore, to structure the collection as a single issue newspaper: The Daily Digital. The newspaper is broken into a personal essays section, a news section, an entertainment section, an advice section, and an editorial section. We would like to thank our writers for sharing a small portion of themselves with us. It has been a pleasure to read your works, and we wish you the best as the future creeps ever closer.

Written in Fall 2022.

Download The Daily Digital (PDF, 16 MB).

Other books produced in Fall 2022

Viewfinder — Judge's Honorable Mention Winner
Judge's Honorable Mention
Rendering a Dream
My Future / Our Future

Fall 2021

20 Happy Hits

Edited by Elizabeth Brueggemann, Caroline Cruise, Nathan Gillin, and E.A. Laslo

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Welcome to 20 Happy Hits, a collection of 20 artists’ takes on happiness. From Reflections to Subversions, the playlists herein capture the many ways we think about (and experience) happiness. Our writers march to their own beats, sharing practical advice, personal stories, and even philosophical musings on happiness. Our authors accompany each chapter with their “recommended listening” (i.e. a song that brings each author joy). Feel free to grab your headphones and listen along as you read. Or add these songs to your own queue and play them on shuffle.

Written in Fall 2021.

Download 20 Happy Hits (PDF, 30 MB).

Other books produced in Fall 2021

The Search for Happiness
Everyday Happiness for Dummies
Rollercoaster of Life
Through the Film Strip

Spring 2021

How to Survive a Pandemic

Edited by Hannah Clarke, Marie Duke, Molly McNamara, and Mady Wilson

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This survival guide is one we never thought we would need. There was no playbook for us. We had to sit around and wait; wait for the CDC to tell us to wear masks and socially distance, wait for restaurants to open back up, wait for a vaccine, wait for a normal semester of college. There was a lot of waiting and a lot of navigating the unknown. Because life is unpredictable, and modern is never truly modern enough, we have created a guide we wish we had on how to survive a pandemic in 19 cities, written through the eyes and opinions of college students. Within this guide you will learn how to survive grief, boredom, loneliness, isolation, holidays, celebrations, families, and more. In short, you’ll learn How to Survive a Pandemic.

Written in Spring 2021.

Download How to Survive a Pandemic (PDF, 4 MB).

Other books produced in Spring 2021

When the Pandemic's Over - Judge's Honorable Mention Winner
Judge's Honorable Mention
The Western
Generation Zoom
On The Bright Side

Fall 2019

Musings on Music and Sound

Edited by Erin Adelman, Aja McFarland, and Grace Nehls

book cover image

Welcome to our Musings on Music and Sound: A collection. From the urban sounds of a local coffee shop to the punk stylings of two different Japanese bands to the Silence of any sound at all, each piece sheds a new light on sound both familiar and new. This gallery is also an exercise in visualization, with the music and writings taking form in your mind’s eye and adding a different dimension to the normal listening experience. We find that these works promote an introspection into one’s self, which in turn creates growth—not just in one’s musical tastes, but in their writing processes as well. Whatever your choice, we hope that you find something new among the collection, something new among the music, and, most importantly, something new in yourself.

Written in Fall 2019.

Download Musings on Music and Sound (PDF, 15 MB).

Other books produced in Fall 2019

A Writer's Radio Workday
Moved By the Music
Sound Town

Spring 2019

College is a Lot on Your Plate: Recipes for Success

Edited by Adina Ahlstrom, Alexandra Contestable, Amanda Parel, and Leah Kuntz

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College is a Lot on Your Plate: Recipes for Success is a collection of essays by Miami University students describing their college experiences and learned lessons with the most important of central themes: food. Each essay is a treat for you to relish and enjoy, and if we’ve done our jobs correctly, learn. You can pick and choose from our menu, finding which meal best helps with your own questions about college.

Written in Spring 2019.

Download College is a Lot on Your Plate: Recipes for Success (PDF, 4 MB).

Other books produced in Spring 2019

Nine Things to Do Before You Graduate
A Word of Advice
A Campus Tour

Fall 2018

Out of This World: A Writer's Guide to Technology

Edited by Ruowei Deng, Delaney Heisterkamp, Tobias Paul, Matthew Rubenstein, & Lynn Vormbrock

book cover image

Follow Zip Byzoid, an intergalactic explorer who has traveled far and wide on the hunt for new writing technologies. Zip has compiled his findings in this log, and he invites you to join a journey across planets, nebulae, moons and more. The software covered includes 750 Words, Scrivener, Ulysses, Bear, Agenda, and more.

Written in Fall 2018.

Download Out of This World: A Writer's Guide to Technology (PDF, 12 MB).

Fall 2017

The Writers Brew: An Unfiltered Guide to the Best Writing Spaces

Edited by Chase Bailey, Haley Jena, Claire Podges, & Rebecca Sowell

book cover image

This book tells stories of the places that writers feel most comfortable, productive, or inspired to write. The writing spaces span the world as well as the imagination. From the bank of the Seine in Paris to the front porch of your college house all the way to the critical last minute of a deadline, The Writer’s Brew encompasses the writer’s strange, albeit effective, tactics for producing a piece of writing. The authors of this anthology have also provided a complimentary drink they believe to characterize the space of their choice. Whether you find inspiration finishing a line at the bottom of the page or seeing an image in your tea leaves at the bottom of a mug, we hope this anthology offers you creative suggestions of the importance of space (both new and old) when it comes to writing.

Written in Fall 2017.

Download The Writers Brew: An Unfiltered Guide to the Best Writing Spaces (EPUB, 25 MB).

Fall 2017

Come Write Here: Eddi's Exposition Expedition

Edited by Olivia Bauer, Paige Bremner, Aubrey Klosterman, Clara Milligan, and Jessi Wright

book cover image

Join a young writer named Eddi who travels from place to place and learns about the joys of writing. From oceanside to cafe to abstract destinations, Eddi's journey details where and how writers find inspiration. This book offers a narrative of discovery and growth and contains lessons for all writers—new and experienced, young and old.

Written in Fall 2017.

Download Come Write Here: Eddi's Exposition Expedition (PDF, 11 MB).

Fall 2016

Tour de Oxford

Edited by Lauren Bauman, Jessica Gonsiewski, Alex Mashny, & Abi Mechley

book cover image

Welcome to Oxford, Ohio. Although it’s not as famous as its England counterpart, the city has a lot to offer, including a prestigious university and a range of delicious eateries. With this ebook, we hope to provide an overview of Oxford, so that, whether you’ve visited it before or not, you can have a better idea of what this place has to offer.

Written in Fall 2016.

Download Tour de Oxford (PDF, 13 MB).

Fall 2014

The Beast: A Handy Field Guide for the Adventurous Writer

Edited by Maggie Ark, Alicia Auhagen, Alexis Glowka, Kathleen Harris, & Lauren Kraus

book cover image

This guide was assembled to help writers like you gather the tools you’ll need to hold your own against the seemingly indomitable foe that plagues even the most experienced among us: the writing process itself. Whether you’re a seasoned writing veteran or a plucky first-timer, this field guide contains the basic information that every writer needs when approaching these applications on their home turf. You’ll learn how they’ve adapted to survive, what vulnerabilities they must make up for, and how they can best aid you as a prospective user.

Written in Fall 2014.

Download The Beast: A Handy Field Guide for the Adventurous Writer (EPUB, 21 MB).